About Me

Technology reviewed and tested for accessibility by a disabled person with both mental and physical health problems.  

Hi there 🙂 I’m Lou, a 41 year old mum of two autistic teenagers. I’m also a BA(Hons) Digital VFX animation mature student. I love technology and gadgets and geek out at everything techie! I’m a huge animal and nature lover and have my very own crazy cat lady starter kit of six cats. My dream job is to one day work for Industrial Light and Magic. 

Also I am disabled both mentally and physically and have a plethora of illnesses and all the crap they bring with it. For starters I have lupus, fibromyalgia and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. The lupus causes a condition called Srogjens Syndrome which affects my eyes. I am in constant pain and the wrong move can have long lasting effects. I have joint problems and I also have lesions on my brain which means not enough O2 is carried to my brain and this can cause lack of concentration, fatigue and little things that can go wrong can cause a lot of stress. 

I have always used and loved technology from even before I was poorly, in fact since I was a wee lass. I noticed that the sicker I became and my needs changed, how little information there was for a disabled person buying a product. Yes, there are the usual obligatory reviews but yet no one looks at a product from a personal, disabled point of view. Little things are overlooked such as placement of sd card slots etc. which may seem trivial to an abled bodied person but to a disabled it can be a huge problem. 

So I’ve decided to fill that gap with my own reviews and testing of products that I already own, will be purchasing or that people send me to test. 

Of course I cannot test things without products to test so if you would like your product tested from a disabled persons point of view which would test for dexterity, ease of access, ease of prolonged usage, portability, aesthetics, vision and optical accessibility etc.and open yourself up to a whole new demographic of customers then please email me at:- 



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